Shop Update – Masham and new Striped Sock Yarn

The cold weather seems to have slowed everything down, so I apologize for being tardy with the shop update.  I think you will find it worth the wait!

First I’d like to share a wonderful fiber.  I introduced this to Tiger Club last year, and it was a big hit.  Masham (pronounced Mass – am) is a lovely pale grey-brown color which makes any dyes just pop with depth.  It’s not a skin-close wool, but it is fairly soft and versatile.  I’d perhaps compare it to Shetland.  Snap up these colors, I predict they’ll go fast!
Iris Masham
Lily Pads Masham
Black Tulip Masham
Alpine Masham

I also have a couple of new striping sock yarns for you. New to the shop are Mississipi Mud on Journey, and Iris on Safari. I am pleased as punch with them.

Mississippi Mud Journey
Iris Safari

I’ve also restocked Koi Pond and Autumn Splendor on Journey.

Koi Pond - Journey
Autumn Splendor - Journey

I’m on a mission to dye up all the odds and ends in the supply closet instead of hoarding them for petting :). It’s sort of a debt snowball program for fiber artists! Masham was the first, and this MBT (Merino Bamboo Tussah) was the next to emerge. I had enough for two lovely colors, Hibiscus and Water Lilies. Spin this soft blend from the fold for best results.

Hibiscus MBT
Water Lilies MBT

I had just enough time to finish up the bump of Mixed BFL (which was the January Club fiber, I’ll have reveal for that tomorrow). Enough for three favorite colors: Cascade, Verdigris, and Purple Passion. I love how the ribbons of natural brown BFL add depth and interest to the colors.

Cascade Mixed BFL
Verdigris Mixed BFL
Purple Passion Mixed BFL

AND, I restocked two popular colors on New England Wool. Out of the Deep, and Water Lilies.
Out of the Deep NE Wool
Water Lilies NE Wool

Whew! Easily find all of these new items by looking in our NEW section!

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