I’m so confused – Shop Update

So, I missed Wooly Wednesday, and I’m too early for Fiber Friday….but hey, I’m doing a shop update anyway. Yummy stuff!

I have a new fiber for the shop, Gotland. It is a fiber from the Island of Gotland of Sweden. The fiber is lovely and long, a staple of over 6 inches, and has a beautiful shiny wave. It is naturally gray, so it takes overdyeing to make fantastic colors. These are grouped in the Limited Edition fiber category for now. I hope it will become a regular.

Dark Side of the Rainbow Gotland
Xanadu Gotland
Black Tulip Gotland
Dove Gotland
Inky Depths Gotland
Lily Pads Gotland
Passage to India Gotland

Next up, I have some Romney Roving for you. This is a product that is proudly American: the sheep live in Michigan, and the wool is pin drafted into roving for us by Zeilinger’s.

Tropical Rainbow Romney Roving
Fairy Ring Romney Roving
Tertiary Romney Roving

And finally I have some odds and ends. There’s some Hibiscus Superwash Corriedale, Nesting Shetland, and some Tertiary in self striping Safari sock yarn!

Hibiscus SW Corriedale
Nesting Shetland
Tertiary Safari

Thanks for taking a look at the update. We have construction going on here in the house (yikes!), but we are getting back into our regular schedule so I hope to have updates more often.

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