Project Round Up

I had some time to work on projects over break, and I’m trying to keeping going (moving the computer away from easy reach of my chair has helped.)

I finished this Quaker Yarn Stretcher Boomerang shawl first. It was a fun knit, and I loved the quickness of using thick yarn. This is Red Heart Treasures, and although there is some wool content, the acrylic is a thing. I bought it originally to make a gift, and it still may end up gifted. I like the shawl, but the tail is crazy long and it is weird to wear. I want to make another in a gradient, but start with a longer cast on edge to make a more traditional shawl shape.

Winter Twilight Boomerang Shawl

Winter Twilight Boomerang Shawl

My kids are hot bodies, so I keep the heat down in the house and heat me, rather than see them in shorts year round. This results in chilly feet, and my last pair of slippers had expired. I did a little internet research, and decided to try my hand at wet felting. I cut out a template from bubble wrap, then added 3 layers to each side and rubbed away. This first pair are a little lumpy bumpy, but they are super warm. I’ll make a pretty pair soon. I made a pair for my son also, who was quite jealous of mine. I’m hoping they will help him not run holes in his socks so quickly. I can easily felt over holes in slippers.

Felted Slippers

Remember the Shetland gradient I made for the yarn contest at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool? I decided it should be something, and after plugging in the yarn information on the Ravelry pattern search, turned up an idea for a cowl. So, I cast on to my Brother 260 Bulky knitting machine, and had a go at it. My poor ribber has been long unused, and it looks like I need a new spongebar for both ribber and mainbed machine. Urk. I oiled and persevered, though. And ended up with this:

Shetland Cowl?

I have to say, it was a lot of work for what it is. I decided to switch the rib and knit stitches at every color change, instead of the number of rows dictated by the pattern. It seemed a good idea. And, well, it’s a thing. And I learned a bit of ‘ply on the fly’, as I was a few yards short for the cast off.

However…..Elizabethan Collar? Um, no. It is frogged and in a ball for the next bright idea. Feel free to suggest… there are 140 yards of worsted-ish weight.

Shetland Cowl?

My current project is finishing my Northern Lights mittens. I knit these on my Brother 930 last winter from handspun singles (samples from Tiger Club!). They are fun, and meant to be for shoveling so needn’t be too pretty, but warm is the operative thing. The Fair Isle wasn’t enough, plus I made them kind of big, so I’m currently adding thrums to the inside. I’m catching a few floats with a latchhook, then bending a lock of superwash merino over the hook and latching it in. It works pretty well! The right one is thrummed inside.

Northern Lights Thrummed Mittens

It has taken a little longer than planned because I was over-enthusiastic with my thrumming. I blame the arctic blast we had last week. Here is my first attempt……

Bride of Frankenstein:
Northern Lights Thrummed Mittens

Could not get my hand in the mitten. So I weeded, and now it looks more Einstein.
Northern Lights Thrummed Mittens

I have one more side of the second mitten to do, and then I’ll have the warmest hands in Iowa. 🙂

What have you been working on?

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