Driftwood – February 2015 Tiger Club Reveal

Driftwood Inspiration

I rather enjoyed looking around our home for last month’s ‘Globe Trotter’ inspiration, so I took a cue from this corner for February. Our 50’s home came with this turquoise block wall, and to tone things down I painted the walls a pale sand, and found this great picture of a bird playing in the surf. The driftwood grey of the frame, and various brown matts bring it all together.

Ever since Salted Cashmere Mochaccino, I’ve been considering how to make a graduated yarn that would have the stripes stay a similar width on a triangular (or other top-down) shawl. I did a crazy lot of math, and came up with some numbers that turned out beautiful and proportional. I decided on 9 sections, and to have the three colors of the theme to go from light to medium to dark.

Driftwood - Feb 2015 Tiger Club - Tiger Twist

Here’s another view, with the colors stretched out….I’m afraid the light isn’t as good, but you get the idea. The beginning pale tan section is about 7 yards long, and each section gets longer until the charcoal, which is about 100 yards.

I did have a bit of an issue with the yarn, I don’t know where my brain was. This is Tiger Twist, and the skeins are larger than usual; 4.7 ounces and 466 yards.

February Tiger Club - Tiger Twist Gradient

We’re having a discussion on Ravelry about shawlette patterns to use, do stop by and make your suggestions! I’m looking forward to knitting up my own, and then applying this formula to the regular line of yarn.

Our fiber this month is an old favorite in a different form….Superwash Blue Faced Leicester. Ah, superwash, how you slurp up colors!

Driftwood - Feb 2015 Tiger Club - SW BFL

Fiber clubbers, you are more than welcome to pop into the shawl discussion, we’ve already found several that would work better with that gradual transition that a hand spun yarn will have.

For everyone, if you want to stretch this out, there are many color pairings you can make. I was thinking rust colors, or sage or pine greens, but a butter yellow was mentioned today, and that would work, too.

Did you miss the fun? Tiger Club is open this month through the 15th for new subscriptions. The club will not open in April, so don’t miss the boat!

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