Calla Lily – April Tiger Club

May Tiger Club only has one more day to sign up!  Here is what happened in April:

Calla Lily
Calla Lily in HDR.

April is sort of the renewal of the club, as the very first one was in April. Thus I took a look at the past year, and tallied up colors. Looks like I needed pink, purple, and yellow. Overwhelmingly, the image search gave me Calla Lilies.

Interestingly enough, I also got this: 🙂


To replicate our flower, I needed a white fiber, and I love Falkland for this.  It is whiter than white, and a lovely texture.  Compare it to Corriedale, but it is really a ‘wool pool’ of fine fleeced sheep on the Falkland Islands.  To dye this, I mixed up a base purply-pink, then diluted it progressively to make a gradient ombre, then added the shocking bit of yellow to the center.

Calla Lily - April Tiger Club - Falkland Wool Combed Top


Lilies have a shiny coat of wax on them, and I wanted to portray that in the yarn.  I chose Panda sock yarn, as the bamboo in the blend has a nice sheen.  I had a lot of fun dip dyeing these, then I brushed on the yellow stamen.

Calla Lily - April Tiger Club - Panda Sock Yarn

As I said, we are gearing up for May Club.  The fiber and yarn are here already, and I’m excited to get working on it.  Want to be a part of it?  Sign up on our website through tomorrow, Friday, May 15.



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