Shop Update – Falkland, Hankies, and More

I just did a fairly good sized shop update, I invite you to check it out!

First up are some Falkland Gradients:
Periwinkle to Petunia Falkland
The Long Winter Falkland
Hibiscus Falkland
Darner Dragonfly Falkland

And some variegated. The Rainbow and Koi Pond are discounted….they both are a little muddier than I like, although it will pull off the surface if you don’t want it.
Iris Falkland
Tropical Rainbow Falkland
Koi Pond Falkland

I have a Tiger Stripe sock yarn for you!
Tiger Stripe Journey

And a super soft Alpaca Marl.
Amazon Cracker Merino Alpaca

I have a few new sets of Mawata Silk Hankies…..Iris, and Globe Trotter.
Iris Mawata Silk
Globe Trotter Mawata Silk

And some miscellaneous fibers from Tiger Club….Shetland and Cheviot, and Merino Silk.
Falling Leaves Shetland
Globe Trotter Cheviot
Amazon Cracker Merino Silk

Stop by and check out all these and more! I’ve also been making Grand Old Flag like a crazy person to keep up with demand. ¬†Thanks for dropping in!!
Grand Old Flag - Tiger Twist Sock Yarn


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