Shop Update

I have a shop update for you….Falkland, Targhee, Mawata Silk Hankies, and a brand new striping sock yarn.

First up, The Long Winter on Falkland.  If you are subscribed to Ply, watch for your issue… may just spy this in there!!
The Long Winter Falkland

If grey doesn’t do it for you, I also made similar gradients in the 2016 Pantone colors…. Serenity and Rose Quartz.  (Plus I have a number of other gradients!)

Serenity Falkland
Rose Quartz Falkland

I also replenished some favorite Targhee colors….Forest and Autumn Splendor, and added a new one, Autumn Blaze Maple.
Forest Targhee
Autumn Splendor Targhee
Autumn Blaze Maple Targhee

Next up are some Hankie sets. Meet Thankful, Saturniidae Moth Caterpillar, Loch Ness, Pink!!!, and Scarlet!!!

Thankful Silk Hankies
Saturniidae Caterpillar Silk Hankies
Loch Ness Silk Hankies
Pink Hankies
Scarlet Hankies

And last, but not least…..I’ve dyed up a seasonal striping sock yarn….here is Candy Cane Stripe.
Candy Cane Stripe Journey

All of these are available in the shop! 

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  1. bethy40 says:

    As a fan of grey I really drooled over your fiber in PLY. Beautiful stuff!

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