What I did this spring….

I feel like a need to write an essay of what I did with my life this spring! For a variety of very good reasons, we decided we should look around for a different house in our city. So this winter and spring, we’ve slowly been doing various updates….paint, new caulk, etc. Long story short, we found a house that would work….in our current neighborhood….and for a variety of other very good reasons, we undecided to move.

It’s ok, I’m thrilled with the new paint and other updates, and the frantic packing up found a lot of room in the dry side of my studio. Unfortunately, I have to get it all back in there eventually….but I get to take a bit of time and sort out what really needs to go back, and how I’m going to store it. I finally got motivated to find bins that fit my wire cubes (which make up the ‘store’), and found a great deal on ones that fit about perfect. Although it isn’t quite as convenient to keep an eye on stock, the cleaner look is sure nice. We found some cool LED light fixtures for the basement, and I ended up juggling some fixtures and bulbs around….so even though I still need to make the space I have in the wet studio work….it’s a lot brighter and makes me smile when I go to work in there. And working I have been…..mostly making Grand Old Flag yarn!!

Here are a few recent pictures, these are all taken from my living room. Yeah, we had to stay for a while longer.

(Ok, so that is my least favorite visitor….I bring in the bird feeder every night.)

Turkey Vulture


Almost caught up, I’ll get May’s Club reveal posted here in a day or so. Off to dye some more flag yarn!

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