Although I’ve been pretty busy with life in general, I have been working on a couple of projects. The latest is when I took this Tiger Club fiber and took it for a spin on my Flat Iron.
Red Meets CMY - NE Fine Grey Combed Sliver - September 2017 Tiger Club
I made a true 3 ply, dividing the fiber roughly into color congruent thirds, but not really minding how the colors lined up in the final product. I’m pleased. This will probably become a hat for someone.
Red Meets CMY Hand Spun New England Fine Gray Wool

My longer term projects has been a hoodie sweater from the book Big Knits, Big Needles by Hanna Charlotte Erhorn. Usually chunky doesn’t appeal to me much, but I liked several of the projects, and I’m a sucker for outerwear….so here we are.

My yarn for this project is Bollicine Victor in a nice neutral tan. I bought it to learn to knit and make an Einstein Coat. Pfft. Here’s the ‘skirt’ of that coat in its garter stitch glory… way would I want to put that unevenness sideways. So it has been marinating in the stash since 2008!
Hoodie Sweater Project
Hoodie Sweater Project

I’ve been working the bottom of the new sweater with the balls of yarn I hadn’t used yet, but I’m nearly through all that, and need to split for the fronts and back (which I’m going to do all on one circular, instead of knitting each part separately….I’m more likely to keep an evenly uneven gauge that way!!). So we have yarn fusilli….there was much satisfaction in ripping this out.
Hoodie Sweater Project

A hot bath, a dry, and a quick spin on my new TUG cake winder, and I’m back in business.  It isn’t quite the gauge called for in the pattern, but there’s a schematic with measurements, so I think it will work out ok.  (No, I don’t follow recipes, either.) Hoodie Sweater Project
I am thinking at this point that I should have maybe over dyed the yarn so the uneven large stitches (some of it is me, some from overlapping the joins, as this yarn is frustratingly short with lots of knots) could hide in some variations. Ah well, it doesn’t need to be perfect. Plus perhaps an excuse to make another one in hand spun.  I have more than 4 pounds of that New England Fine Grey!!
Hoodie Sweater Project

And here is my full progress, with a picture of the final sweater.  Hrm, that looks a bit confusing, it’s knit from the bottom up, so that’s the bottom hem.
Hoodie Sweater Project

I hope you are enjoying a project this weekend, I’m debating if I will take the sweater, or cast on a hat with the new red handspun for the Superbowl party.

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