Fiber Friday – Falkland and Targhee

I have a great bunch of fibers for your Friday!

I picked up a great blend to try on December’s Tiger Club, and I ordered more so I can share with everyone.  It’s a lovely blend….80% USA grown and processed Targhee wool, with shiny ribbons of 10% Bamboo and 10% Mulberry Silk.  It is gorgeous….the pictures don’t really do it justice.  Here are the first three gradients, I’ll be dyeing more of this blend as I have time. If you’d like to request a particular colorway, I’m all ears!

Click on the picture to go straight to the listing, or visit them all here.

Hibiscus gradient of USA Targhee, Bamboo, and Mulberry Silk

Sunrise gradient on USA Targhee, Bamboo, and Mulberry Silk

Twenty Below on USA Targhee, Bamboo, and Mulberry Silk


A few weeks ago, I had a customer request to bring back Serenity, and here it is, plus its sisters, Rose Quartz, and The Long Winter. The Long Winter started this whole series as it was a commission for PLY Magazine. (The grey and white shawl and hat).  All of these are on Falkland combed top, which is great for about anything you want to make with it.

Serenity on Falkland Wool Combed Top

Rose Quartz on Falkland Wool combed top

The Long Winter on Falkland combed top

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.  I’ll be singing Haydn’s “Creation” with my choir, combined with another community choir and their local symphony orchestra.  We’ll be repeating the experience in two weeks, except here with our local symphony orchestra.  I’m looking forward to the bus trips with friends, and making some new friends.


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