Fiber Friday – Long wool, silk and yarn…oh my!

Did you see the headline this morning about lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) getting loose from a zoo in Germany?  It seems all parties are safe now, but it certainly gave me a chuckle this morning. (edit: nope, the bear didn’t make it..:( )

I have shop update for you today, I had a couple of pounds of luscious Mixed BFL Silk, Wensleydale, and Gotland to dye, so I went into efficiency mode and made up two of our best sellers, Jeweled and Sunrise.  They are so pretty.  I also made Blended Rainbow on Wensleydale and Gotland….these two were dyed together, so you could ply them together, or use them together on a project….the light and dark sides of the rainbow!

June 1 update 2018

No quite ‘new’, but flying under the radar has been Grand Old Flag on Journey.  The SW Merino makes this yarn suitable for even the tenderest foot….or even baby items.  I finally had a chance to knit up a swatch, so now it can be advertised properly!

Stop by the shop to see these, and there are a few other things I uploaded but didn’t advertise last week.

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