Rustic Barn – January 2021 Tiger Club

Our red weathered barn was a big part of my childhood. There were chickens to feed, eggs to gather, new lambs and calves to bottle-feed, the cow to milk, and tiny kittens to find. The hayloft afforded building blocks for forts, and a refuge in most seasons from any kind of weather. I’ve brought you the colors of memory, rich reddish browns, barn red, weathered grey, and the surrounding greens and blues of a summer day.

Rustic Barn Journey TC Jan 2021

The yarn is a favorite, Journey. A blend of SW Merino and Nylon, its tight and smooth 4 ply construction makes sturdy socks with good stitch definition. I dyed this in a there-and-back style, but played with color placement to keep the brown/red/grey opposite the greens and blues, which should result in a mini spiral stripe on socks, depending on your stitch count, gauge, and pattern. Try a few different ones if you don’t like what it is doing on your first choice.

Rustic Barn SW 56s TC Jan 2021

The wool is Superwash 56’s, it’s a wool pool of British sheep, selected to fit that ‘medium’ wool type, so may contain corriedale, shetland, etc. The superwash treatment knocks down the scales, which makes this wool feel softer than the fiber thickness would otherwise feel. Great for things that need to be hard wearing and washable….mittens, boot toppers, maybe even a cowl or scarf, and socks.

Want in on the fun? Sock Club currently has a wait-list (drop me a line, I have other options, too), however I have a few spots in the Fiber Club available right now.

Stay warm, we’re in the deep-freeze this week and next here in eastern Iowa!

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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