On the Rocks – September 2022 Tiger Club

Tiger Club for September is a sort of continuum of August’s club. We had some ‘turf’ – or forest for last month, for September we are visiting some turbulent ‘surf’ beating itself ‘On the Rocks’. I ditched the pre-selected palate as shown above, and mixed up a pale blue-grey, a deeper but dove-ish grey-blue (yes, there’s a difference!), a deep turquoise, a deeper inky blue, and finally a grey-brown for the rocks.

On the Rocks - Merino Bamboo Tweed Sept 2022 TC

In August, our yarn had the tweed, but September the tweed is featured in the fiber. The blend is 33.33% each of fine Merino wool, rayon of Bamboo, and viscose Tweed bits. Neither the bamboo or tweed take up the dye (although may be a bit stained by it), with the bamboo giving a lovely shine to the overall look, and the tweed making the foam and tendrils of our waves. I expect this blend to want to separate while spinning it, I suggest using a technique such as spinning from the fold or making fauxlags to keep the fibers more together. I dyed the colors down and back again so that you can split it for a pair of something, and/or to ply to itself. This also matches how I dyed the forest inspired Northwoods Conifers, I think the two could work well together if you wanted to ply them together….or separately and use them in the same project. Just be mindful that Conifers is superwash, while On the Rocks is not, and a choose a project you’d be ok with handwashing.

On the Rocks - Panda 2 - Sept 2022 TC

The yarn is Panda 2, which is an 80/20 blend of Superwash Merino and rayon of Bamboo. It also has the lovely shine of bamboo, reminding of the sun glinting off the ocean. I also dyed this down and back for spiral striping that will change up a bit as the yarn was scrunched in the pan and a pour over technique was used, rather than precise painting. It lends to the overall organic look. I don’t have a swatch for you this month, while I did dye a skein for myself, it is on a different base and I just haven’t had a chance to do anything with it since life has been busy. It should pool/stripe similarly to the Conifer yarn, just more subtle since the colors are closer in value. My current thoughts are to use my On the Rocks as warp and Northwoods Conifers as weft and then make a long vest. I need to play with dimensions and see what the pooling will do, which may be a long process of stash and brain marinating!

I’m so glad you’ve joined me for this reveal, and thanks to those in club, it’s always a joy to come up with something new every month. We are still on waitlist for new subscriptions, you may drop me a line if you are interested in being added. If I get a few more interested in Sock Club, I can add a batch or two.

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