Oh Deer!

We live smack in the middle of town…just one block from one of the busiest streets.  Despite that, it is gloriously private and quiet here.  Last week, I opened the curtains in the living room, and this is what I saw:

Deer up close!

This is just part of the group, there were 9 total.  Two are the fawns that grew up in our woods this past summer.  I so enjoy seeing the deer, but I’m afraid I don’t enjoy it as much when looking at gardening catalogs.  They found my green beans quite delicious last year, going to great lengths to get through the fencing.

 More commentary on our Iowa winter….


This is the view from our back door (which is really the front door, but that’s another story).  After you are finished enjoying the massive and dagger-like icicles, look beyond to the glacier across the driveway.  Our plow guy insists on piling the snow right there, on top of our utility boxes.  *Sigh*  It’ll be spring soon…..right?

Tomorrow….yarn pictures!

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