I peeked out my front door to assess the sloppy weather mess that we are supposed to get here today, tonight, and tomorrow….and this was on my doorstep!  Yippee!! Something to play with during the probable snow day we will have!!  If you haven’t figured it out…this is a box stuffed to overflowing of 15 pounds (yup, 15 POUNDS) of Brown Sheep roving.  I pulled the bag out of the box to do a quick survey (plenty of pink in there….so I’ll have some with mohair in it), and look what was tucked under there!!!  A beautiful 8 oz bag of already dyed roving. 

This is one wise business woman.  I mean, don’t most dyers try to be good and not stash the things they have dyed?  I know I try to behave.  A whole bag of free roving, though….there will be some serious deliberation on what I will do with this!!!  Hmmmm….I do have a drop spindle, but maybe I’ll needle or wet felt a little somethin’ somethin’.  We’ve got black and yellow and bits of green in there…just right for someone from the Hawkeye state (although I’m a UNI Panther all the way!!!).

Anyway, my next dye day will include some of this roving, so you spinners and felters will not be left out of ThePaintedTiger any longer!

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