My chuckle for the morning!

This link came up on one of my yahoo group digests this morning, and it’s a hoot.  If you think machine knitting is fast and easy, watch these!  (Warning, some mild British swearing.)  She is trying a technique that creates a terry cloth type material.

 Now granted, not all techniques on the machine are so fussy, but any new one I learn starts like this….me and the manual, and most of the afternoon, and still haven’t made anything useable.  Can we say ‘frog frog frog’?

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2 Responses to My chuckle for the morning!

  1. Susan says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed my videos, I like to leave the mistakes in so that anyone new to machine knitting knows that it’s not just them who has problems, everyone does at some time.
    You might have guessed I don’t take myself too seriously in these videos.

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