A new addition to my crafting equipment family….

Awhile back, I mentioned my desire to own a spinning wheel, inspired by the HUGE box of fiber I bought to play with (the intention to just dye and sell, but then you know how that goes!!!).  So, I did a heap of research on Ravelry and Google, and decided that a folding Lendrum DT would provide a portable wheel that I wouldn’t grow out of.

This spring has been a little slow sales wise, mostly due to me not being able to dye as many yarns as usual, so the full price for a new wheel was a bit out of reach, considering that I would soon need extras such as spindles.  So…..I wrote this little plea for the Used Equipment forum on Ravelry:

I know it is a shot in the dark here, since most people LOVE theirs and wouldn’t consider parting with it….but a girl on a budget has to try!

So if you’d like a loving home for your poor neglected Lendrum who is all folded up and pouting under your bed with the dust bunnies, please let me know. I promise to take her to the library, Mommy & Me at the park, camping, and on vacations, not to mention a prime spot in the living room for watching her favorite tv shows. I promise to keep her well oiled and cleaned. She will be my one and only wheel. I will love her and pet her and call her “George”. (Ok, maybe a different name, but you get the idea and the Bugs Bunny reference!)

I’d really prefer the complete package (and would really really really love the walnut one, hahahaha …I’ll just keep dreaming there…), but will consider just the wheel for the right price.

I’ll now be stalking my Rav mail!!”

Well not three days later, a kind lady came on and said she would like to sell me hers, plus bag, an extra Kate, and 7 spindles…a great deal for me!  She bought it to take to spinning guild, but has since moved away, and prefers her stay at home wheel.  And the kicker?  She was coming to my town to visit over the weekend.  Well, that part didn’t quite happen, as the Easter weekend snow storm hit, as well as illnesses in both families, but the wheel is still coming here via FedEx, and eventually I will get to meet a real live Raveler!!

 So brace yourselves, as soon as the wheel comes, you will be inundated with photos of her (her name is Lizzie Beth, although I may also call her George!), and of my first (likely sad) attempts at making yarn.  I did learn to spin a bit as a child, my mom had sheep and a wheel and everything, but the wheel was not a very good one, so neither of us got far into spinning.  I plan to remedy that pretty quickly!

 Also, once I show myself that my hand dyed rovings are suitable for spinning, I’ll be posting some of those for sale.  I just hate to sell something that I haven’t tested out.  How else am I supposed to be able to use my own fiber guilt free!?!

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2 Responses to A new addition to my crafting equipment family….

  1. DreamWoven says:

    You will LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your lendrum dt… i love mine, so you will absolutely love yours!

    what a great story… and what a great place that ravelry is! congratulations!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Oh my gosh, waiting for the fedex guy…I hope he gets there soon!

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