Fiber Friday, June 27

Lots of lace this week!

Electric Blue on Merino Lace Yarn
Country Roads on Merino Lace
Wisteria on Merino Lace
Peonies on Merino Lace
Monet Sunrise - on Merino Lace
Shhhh.... on Merino Lace

Some of my supersock (yay, huge new box full!)
Chocolate Bomb Pop - Tiger Supersock
Country Roads - Tiger Supersock

And my new sock yarn, Tiger Twist …it’s oooh so lively and springy!
Wisteria on Tiger Twist sock yarn

We’re busy from now (honey, I’m coming, really….I gotta post the yarn pictures first!!) through Saturday having our garage sale, so I will get these listed on ThePaintedTiger on Saturday evening (maybe) or Sunday afternoon (more likely).

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