The new ‘Slice of Heaven & Earth’

Winging its way to California at this moment, is a batch of ten of these:

 A Slice of Heaven and Earth Sock Yarn

Yes, it is the titled yarn, but with a twist.  This batch is using my new dyes, so it is much much brighter and (I think) stunning.  Much more true to what I was trying to create the first time I made the yarn.  Yay for the new dye!  Anyway, these will soon be for sale at Yarny-Goodness, please be sure to say Hi to Pam while you are there!

Yesterday, we took the kids and grandparents to the Quad-City airshow.  Not sure the kids enjoyed the actual show (although all the free stuff from recruiting military branches and helicopters to walk through and tanks to climb on were very well received by them), we had a nice day, and I managed to only burn a sliver of skin on my wrist (the sun reflected of the metal, I think).  The Navy’s Blue Angels were there, and it is always amazing to watch them fly.  I also raised my level of respect for military pilots when I watched the PBS ‘Carrier’ series.  Watching them try to land planes on 30 degree pitching deck, and going into darkness without all the planes in….terrifying.  They did all get back safely, with the senior pilot taking the place of a rookie who was to fly the refueling plane.  Whew.   Anyway, a big thank you to anyone who is or has served our country.

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