Music, food, and knitting!

Last weekend, we attended the Quad Cities Symphony’s Pops Concert. The program was mostly the music of John Williams (so, of course, utterly fabulous). This year the concert was held in the baseball stadium, since the floods earlier this season tore up LeClaire Park, where it usually is held.
Quad Cities Pops Concert
This concert is quite the event. It is basically upscale tailgating. I was very suprised they allowed the tradition to continue in the ball stadium, but there were people set up all over the diamond.  We arrived a bit late, so found ourselves on the concourse.  It turned out well….we had a corral for the kids, and when it started raining after intermission, we were already under a roof.

Hand spun scarf

I enjoy concerts, but more and more I find myself needing something to DO.  I guess I multitask so much I must do it in my free time, too?!?  So, I brought along my skein of hand spun, and got this far on a scarf.  The problem…..I used half the yarn already, and if I use the rest I’ll have half a scarf.  So, a-froggin’ we shall go, and I’m going to make a skinny scarf.  It really wants to be a scarf.  Seriously.
Darth Vader & Storm Troopers at the Pops

After intermission, the Star Wars segment of the program came up, so guess who showed up?  There were bounty hunters, sand people, and other various characters roaming the stadium, too.  Too bad there wasn’t anyone impersonating Harrison Ford in Star Wars OR Indiana Jones.  Mmmmm.
Fireworks at the Pops

At the end of the concert, they played the 1812 complete with cannons, and then Stars & Stripes, Forever with fireworks.  Not a bad show, although short, but the first time my kids had seen live fireworks.  They were quite thrilled, and it was fun to watch them.

So….if your local community has a Symphony with a Pops concert, do come out, bring your food & beverages, and have a great time.  The Clinton Symphony’s concert is in early June, and I was lucky enough to play on it this past year….it was very fun, and we hope for even better turn out this year.

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3 Responses to Music, food, and knitting!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Nothing like the local 501st showing up to really make it a Star Wars event. 🙂

    Good luck on the scarf. Those colors are wonderful.

  2. Marjorie says:

    I love concerts like this they are such fun and having the Star Wars characters and fireworks!! Great wa for kids to discover music and have a ball outside with picnics and stuff.

  3. ThePaintedTiger says:

    Thanks, Sabrina…I hadn’t thought to link to the 501st…how fun to look through all their costumes.

    Marjorie, both kids had a great time. They didn’t pay much attention to the music, but the costumes were exciting, as were the cannons (which they tested periodically before the 1812), and fireworks. They are already asking to go again next year. Oh…snacks….did I mention that I brought about 8 different kinds of snacks to keep them going! LOL.

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