New Yarn!

Here’s what is ‘fresh from the dyepot’ this week.  I’ve been concentrating on filling out my selection of Tiger Twist colors.  If you haven’t tried this yarn base yet, you are in for a treat.  This 100% Superwash Merino Wool yarn is specifically spun just for making socks.  It has a tight twist, and is a bit overplyed to make it very sturdy and amazingly springy.  It will also lend great stitch definition to your projects.

First up is Cascade.  It is a blend of deep pine green, browns and tans, and a splash of aqua/teal.

Cascade - Tiger Twist

Next is Bed of Roses.  It has crisp greens and perky pinks.

Bed of Roses - Tiger Twist

This next one I had some trouble naming, but my friends on Ravelry helped me out!  This is Suede and Sapphire, and is mostly browns, gold, and just a splash of stunning blue.

Suede and Sapphires

Antique Rose has gentle linen tans, a soft green, and gentle burgundy.

Antique Rose - Tiger Twist

Winter Morning has soft blues, greys, and a bit of buttery sun peeking through.


This one is on supersock….Cranberry is a saturated red just right for the holidays.

Cranberry - Tiger Supersock

Limeade is on my merino lace, and is a refreshing semi-solid to show off your pattern.

Sage - Merino Lace

I’m also trying to fill out some colors of semi-solids.  This week I did sage and pale purple.  Each is available on Supersock and Tiger Twist.


Wisteria - Tiger Twist


Sage - Tiger Twist

Now I’m back to the studio to hand dye up another batch of yarn and fiber just for you!

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  1. MamaMay says:

    I always love your yarn! I will so be buying some as a celebration of hubby graduating from school and having a real job!

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