Show and tell!

It’s Monday, and time for show and tell!

I finally caught a picture of that groundhog/woodchuck:

Woodchuck, groundhog, whatever.
She’s on the neighbor’s lawn here, and seems content over there. I filled in the hole, and so far so good.

I finished my Forest Glade socks made with my Tiger Supersock yarn. I should have made the ribbing deeper, but as is they kinda ruffle, which is interesting.  I wore them all day on Saturday.  Much nicer than cotton socks!  Next I’m going to do something in a semi-solid and do a flatbed sock so I can try some patterning and/or cables.  There are really not the plethora of interesting patterns for the machine knit sock as there are for hand knit socks.
Forest Glade Socks
And here is progress on my Einstein Coat:
Einstein Progress

I admit it is going slowly.  I’d knit a row or two and my right hand would just HURT, so I knew I was doing something wrong.  I’ve watched some videos and read a few books and have modified my style.  Still slow, but not painful.  We have another doctors appointment this week, so I’ll get a good hour down and back, plus waiting room time….maybe I’ll catch up to my ‘quota’.  I’d like to wear the thing before it gets too cold outside to use it as a coat.

Speaking of coats….I joined the Coffee and Chocolate (oh, and yarn too) swap on Ravelry.  While shopping for the important items, I happened by a rack of coats.  Some people collect shoes….well I collect coats.  I did have a gap in my winter coat line up (them kids grew my hips right out of my favorite coat), so I rationalized myself into looking.  It’s usually safe to do so, since I’m notoriously picky and frugal.  Well, I found this lovely coat, and snatched it right up.
My new coat

How could I not?  It’s Anne Klein.  It’s just green enough to bring out my eyes, but brown enough to not be loud.  It has overstitching which is very cool.  The buttons are chunky.  The cut is flattering.  It’s 60% angora, 40% wool in a pile, making it lovely to pet, and gloriously warm.  It was 50% off.  I told my hubby I’d take it back if we couldn’t afford it, but I think he shredded the receipt which I will take as permission.  Now I just need to shorten the sleeves and knit some fabulous accessories for it.

Have a great Monday, and stay tuned for dyed goodies later this week!

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