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A new book for HandPainted Sock Yarns

Looky what just came out at Interweave Press!!!  Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski tackles the questions of what to do with those handpainted yarns in your stash if you don’t necessarily care for the seredipity of pooling, flashing, … Continue reading

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Sock Fillets!

One of my fun new-ish products is the Fillet of Sole sock blanks.  I started them on a whim to win a contest at Yarny-Goodness, and have now adopted them into my regular line.  I like painting them, there are … Continue reading

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Show and tell!

It’s Monday, and time for show and tell! I finally caught a picture of that groundhog/woodchuck: She’s on the neighbor’s lawn here, and seems content over there. I filled in the hole, and so far so good. I finished my … Continue reading

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Michael Phelps is my brother.

Yup, that’s my big secret.  Ok, quit scratching your head.  My brother, Michael Phelps, is a computer programmer in Des Moines, Iowa.  He can swim, but more in the ordinary, keep yourself from drowning, kind of way. The family name … Continue reading

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