Sock Fillets!

One of my fun new-ish products is the Fillet of Sole sock blanks.  I started them on a whim to win a contest at Yarny-Goodness, and have now adopted them into my regular line.  I like painting them, there are things you can do with color that just isn’t possible any other way.

Lately, I’ve been playing with stripes, and here a couple of finished socks for you.

Favorite Sweater was part of the October Opposites Attract sock club shipment (along with Carrot Cake, which I sadly neglected to take a picture of before I boxed them all up).  This is my personal blank, the sweater of inspiration, and the completed socks!
My Fav sweater WITH My Fav Sweater Fillet
Fav Sweater Socks
And here is a similar pattern in deep pinks and browns:
Raspberry Mocha Fillet
Raspberry Mocha Socks

I further modified the Penny Sock pattern to put a bit more ease in the arch area, and succeeded in getting rid of the dreaded holes where the short rowing of the heel ends. I love both pairs and have worn them nearly constantly.

This week, I’ll be opening my next sock club, which will start shipping in February. It’s going to be called Transistions, and will be all Fillet of Sole (although on a variety of bases…not just Tiger Twist), and will explore wide striping and subtle color transistions, somewhat Noro-esque. It’ll be announced in the newsletter first, so if you aren’t on it….please do sign up. Spaces in the club will be limited, as I prefer my clubs small so I can make the yarn extra special.

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