Yesterday, our family went roller skating.

Now the last time I was seriously into roller skating was 8th grade, back at the time Roller Dancing was a big thing (like figure skating, but on skates), it was cool to have gigantic pink sparkly pom-poms on your skate laces, and roller blades were unheard of. Remember those kids that could skate way flat under the limbo pole? I was sooooo jealous.

It seems that the ground has moved since then. It is so much further away, and it isn’t quite so easy to stay upright, or turn, or really anything. Fortunately, I had a 4yo to shepherd around the rink (nevermind the 4 times we switched between kiddie trainer skates and real skates, cause he didn’t like either), so I didn’t need to go very fast, and could hug the wall a bit.

The 8yo was complaining (as she is wont to do) so I just ignored her. She was doing much better by the middle of our visit, which was good….since about then small children in shoes decided to run haphazardly around the rink. Somebody got them off of there, but misrule seemed to dominate this ‘rink’.

By this time, my charge was more interested in a soda, so I left him in a chair to take a real stab at this skating thing. A couple of rounds, and I’ve remembered most of how to do things, and have suitably impressed my daughter. Stopped by to check the son, then took off again. Then it happened.

I should have known better. So focused on staying upright, I forgot to get a good forward lean on the carpet-to-rink transition. Well, those wheels just took off, and the rest of me followed Newton’s Laws of Motion. Boom. On the floor. Owwwww.

To their credit, none of my family laughed (although momentary smirking may have occured). Both children immediately inquired into my well-being and offered hugs and encouragement. Hubby tried to haul me back to my feet, but I abandoned that in favor of crawling to a wall for support. Although I’m a little sore today, mostly the bruise was to my pride, so I survive to skate another day!

Can’t leave you without something fibery, so here…..a bad picture taken in the yarn drying room…..these puppies are ready to be listed this week. Watch for them!
Dyeing the week of Feb 16

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