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New Toys

So, I had two fillings this morning. My tongue is numb, and I can feel the tingle of anesthetic in places it really shouldn’t have migrated to. I guess I’m thankful for the great dental care I am privileged to … Continue reading

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Is your world unraveling?

This video made me smile, hope you enjoy it.

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Click thee here to see full sized sheep made from old school telephones. Very cool! P.S. – We did get the skeins of Stars & Stripes all ready and listed today….the link will go live to everyone sometime on Thursday.

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Oh Danny Boy!

Ok, so I’m a little early on the St. Patrick’s thing, but this was too funny not to post right away!! This is NOT one of the ‘Greatest Hits’ that RiverChor is going to sing on Sunday (our version was … Continue reading

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Yesterday, our family went roller skating. Now the last time I was seriously into roller skating was 8th grade, back at the time Roller Dancing was a big thing (like figure skating, but on skates), it was cool to have … Continue reading

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A video for you…..

This one tickled my fancy today. Enjoy!

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A chuckle for you!

Ran across this today on Ravelry, thought I’d post it for my readers, too!

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