Roving Reconstruction – Part 3

Here’s the part where I actually end up with roving!!!

To catch you up….here’s where I left off. One batt of pale green, and another batt of pale blue, carded up on my Fancy Kitty Kitten drum carder.
Blue and green, together!

I ripped these both in half and set one half of each aside. Then I slowly fed on the green…trying to get it all even, then fed on the blue.
That will give me bi-color roving, that I hope will barber-pole some, and alternate between the colors some.

Next, I needed to diz off the wool to make it roving (I’m not all into the zig zag batt ripping thing). I don’t own an actual diz, but anything with a hole will do, so I grabbed the first toy I found on the floor.

Dizzing roving

Dizzing roving

And this is how I did with the first batt. Hmmmm……
Finished roving

So I went back to my second half of the batts and carded them in. This time my dizzing was more successful….I was able to get all of it in one long roving. So pretty and fluffy!!!!

Finished roving

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  1. Shea says:

    Hi! Just found your site and wanted to say hello. And I also wanted to say that your diz totally cracked me up! Sometimes there are benefits to having a child’s toys spread in twenty billion places all over the house. 🙂

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