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Sproing! – February 2023 Tiger Club

Our winter has been decidedly brown, so I was definitely ready for some bright colors when Club time rolled around. This plastic spring toy fit the bill for playfulness, and I love how they pulled out the tertiary colors when … Continue reading

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Macarons – May 2022 Tiger Sock Yarn and Spinning Fiber Clubs

Time for a tasty treat! I have a number of macaron pictures saved on my inspiration board, I love the fun colors. I chose this one, but added a darker blue as a 6th colors to keep the whole thing … Continue reading

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Abundant – October 2021 Tiger Club

It’s be a few hot minutes since I’ve dyed a rainbow, and October was a good month to do it, with the warm rich colors of autumn and thoughts of Thanksgiving emerging. I mixed up a bright berry pink-red, rich … Continue reading

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Annestown Beach – March 2018 Tiger Club

March is another month where I went with the colors I wanted, and fit an ‘inspiration’ to it. This has been just a long dreary winter and I was ready for some colors of spring! I love this picture of … Continue reading

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Elemental – April 2016 Tiger Club Reveal

Did you know that metals burn in bright colors?  Yup, they do!  In a really loose form of actually using my Chem minor, I took the ideas of these flames and put together 4 warm colors and 4 cool colors to … Continue reading

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Fleece Sampling

I thought I’d give you an update on the Corriedale/Friesian fleece I’ve been working on.  The washing is ongoing, but I encouraged myself by doing some sampling. I started very simply, just a lock and a Golding ring spindle. I … Continue reading

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The Year of the Turtle

This is the week I dye for club (which is quite pretty, BTW), so I don’t have anything new for the shop; although I didn’t blog about last Friday’s update of sock yarn…..plenty of self striping rainbows and Grand Old … Continue reading

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No Fuss Fractal Loving Forest Shawl

Yes, my friends, I actually cast on for a knitting project.  Don’t panic. But let me back up….. I finished spinning my Forest Targhee, which I used a fractal technique for (the link is to prior blog article about spinning … Continue reading

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Sugar Coated Mitts

I have this tendency to tackle huge long term projects, so it seems I get nothing done at all.  To revive my interest and confidence, I decided to do a little project with the bits of Targhee I dyed as … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Last month, I showed you my lovely stack of boxes full of fibery good stuff…..well it is time to show you a preview of what was in the largest two boxes, since it is the March FotM.  I (of course) … Continue reading

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