Top Reconstruction Project (Part 1)

Armed with my trusty Deb Menz book, Color in Spinning, I have decided to play about with some of my dyed top.  For my first victim project I have chosen this pale green and blue top which is an 85% wool and 15% mohair blend from Carol who carries the Brown Sheep mill ends.  I already have a scarf in these colors that was spun all barber poled, and wanted a different look for this one.  Plus, I wanted to try it with the ribbon of mohair properly blended in (you can see it running down the side of the green bit toward the lower left).  Please do bear with me on the photos….this is extra-curricular, so I’m working and taking pictures in the dark after the kiddo’s get to bed.

Top Reconstruction Project 1

I decided that I would like to shoot for a yarn that has both colors all the time…with a lot of marl and possibly a quick change back and forth.  Blended but not (does that make sense?)  So, what I did first was rip off the color sections and make a green pile and a blue pile.

Top Reconstruction Project 2

Next I took the pile of green pieces and fluffed them out for running through my Fancy Kitty Kitten drum carder.

Top Reconstruction Project 3

Top Reconstruction Project 4

Lucky for me, the drum took the full 2 oz of green, and I pulled off a pretty and foofy batt.

Top Reconstruction Project 5

Top Reconstruction Project 6

Since this fiber was a prepared top, I probably didn’t need to send it through again, but I wanted the color and mohair to be more uniformly distributed, so I ripped the batt down into about 8 pieces and sent it through again.

Top Reconstruction Project 7

Stay tuned for more installments!!

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