Summer is winding down….

I keep waiting to blog until I have a great picture or something of amazing significance to tell you, but the summer is just getting away from me!

Next Friday, hubby is back to school, which means we’ll start our homeschool then, too. We’ve had the busiest and most fun summer ever with the kids, and we’ve accomplished a few home improvement projects (not nearly as many as I’d like, but oh well!)

I picked up a copy of EA Sports Active for Wii. It’s an interactive personal trainer. I’m doing the ‘easy’ 30 day challenge, looking to do the medium and hard back to back after that……finishing just in time for our trip to Disney World in late November. Any tips or favorite experiences at Disney? I’d love to hear them!

Finally, I am indeed back to the dyepots. I’ve got a new sock yarn cooking that I’m sure you’ll like (and it’s a true skinny fingering, you could easily use it for lace work or weaving too). I’ve also put in an order for a variety of spinning fibers….over 100 lbs worth!!

Hope your summer ‘break’ has been fun….seems too soon to be looking at fall and winter colors, but I know it’ll be here before we know it.

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