Wheel lust

These days, I find myself glancing at the for sale forums at Ravelry, and other places for wheel destashing. I swear there is something added to each wheel that makes them addicting. Maybe they have a herding instinct or something.

For example, there’s a Majacraft Pioneer up there right now. Barely used. Do I need this? Absolutely not. My Lendrum does everything I NEED, and I’ve got a deposit down for the highly coveted Pocket Wheel. But said Majacraft wheel is available to be delivered to a festival I’m attending, and suddenly it is very attractive. LOL!

Eventually, I’d like to try a Matchless (I’m especially lusting after the cherry anniversary wheel….but that isn’t likely to happen). Oh, and by chance I ran across the Canadian Production Wheel group yesterday. Um, don’t have enough living room for that, but LOVE!!!

What wheels or spindles are you lusting after? Do you have a herd, or have you managed to keep the numbers down?

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