Fiber Update 11/24

I have been having quite the enjoyable time this week dyeing up all these different fibers!  New this week are Corrie X and Merino/Tencel.  Check out the newest on the block.  Fiber Update 11/24/09

1. Tropical Rainbow – Hand Dyed Tussah Silk Sliver, 2. Lakeshore – Superwash Merino Top, 3. Faded Roses – Tussah Silk Sliver, 4. Winter’s Day – Corrie X Top, 5. Glastonbury Thorn – BFL Top, 6. Fiery – Hand dyed BFL Wool Top, 7. CMY Party – Hand Dyed Corrie X Top, 8. Purple People Eater – Hand Dyed Merino Tencel Top, 9. Dusty Rose – Superwash Merino Top, 10. RYB Party – Corrie X top, 11. Deep Forest – BFL Wool Top, 12. Rainbow – Hand Dyed Tussah Silk Sliver, 13. Aurora – Superwash Merino Wool  Fiber, 14. CMY Party –  Superwash Merino Top

Orders placed by noon CST Wednesday will ship immediately, otherwise I’m forbidden to turn on the internet until Friday, December 4th.  It is a time to be thankful, and to enjoy being with loved ones. Happy Thankgiving to you and your family!

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  1. KnottyEwe (in Ravelry) says:

    Where are you? I would love to take a dye class from you. The fiber is exquisitely dyed and too beautiful to spin.

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