Introducing Bengal Twist

I really love BFL (Blue Faced Leicester), and since the mill that makes regular Bengal has closed, I’ve sourced a new sock yarn I like even better!  I am calling it Bengal Twist, and it is 100% superwash BFL.  This is a yarn born for socks.  BFL is soooo soft and silky, yet the fibers are long and strong.  Combine that with three ply and tight twist construction (not to mention the luster) and you have a winner.  Oh, and this is a thinner yarn than I usually carry….Tiger Twist and Panda are nearly sport weight, but Bengal Twist is a true fingering weight yarn at around 18-20 wpi.

I have 33 colors up so far, with another 10-15 that have red or orange in them, plus rainbows to put up hopefully tomorrow or Friday.  Here’s a few of my favorites from what I’ve listed already:

Maple Leaf Rag - Bengal Twist
Sherbet - Bengal Twist
Peacock - Bengal Twist
Wood Duck - Bengal Twist
Bodmin Moor - Bengal Twist
The Attic - Bengal Twist Hand Dyed BFL Sock Yarn
Fathoms Below - Bengal Twist
Xanadu - Bengal Twist Hand Dyed BFL Sock Yarn

I am really loving the depth of color that this yarn gives, and the soft cool squishy bouncy feel of it.  Try it out, I think you will love this yarn!

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