New Panda Sock Yarn Up!

Spring 2010 Panda Sock Yarn

Yup, I’ve been busy!  Lots of new colors of hand dyed  Panda Sock Yarn for you.  Panda is a blend of 60% Superwash Merino Wool, 30% Bamboo Rayon, and 10% Nylon.  It is a fantastic yarn for socks or for items you’d like a little drape in like scarves or shawls.  A variety of dye methods here….. semi-solid, kettle dyed, ombre, and variegation with small color repeats and long ones.  Some of these would look really cool in a modular sock or scarf pattern!

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One Response to New Panda Sock Yarn Up!

  1. CaitlinL says:

    OMG!!!! I realistically JUST stumbled upon your over-the-moon-fantastic-and-amazing site. This is by far my most favourite in the world and I am NOT over-exaggerating. I JUST (as in less than 12 hours ago) got my very first drum-carder (that took waaaay too long to save up for on a post-grad student budget) I was bumming around online trying to get some inspitration on what I should start processing first, when i caught all of your gorgeous tutorials and inspriational photo opps. As a “fairly-new” spinner and fibre artist (compared to my nana of over 50 years) I was wondering your suggestion on a packer brush.I was far too excited last night and just started working some local Llama through the carder but found that everything was getting quite static and not really coming off nicely. Any suggestions, or is it just because I haven’t blended it with anything substantial yet?
    PLEASE keep doing exactly what you’re doing. I am offically a life-long fan now!
    Take Care and have a great weekend

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