Corriedale Top – Fresh from the Dyepot

Need some lovely comfort spinning for the rainy days of fall?  I have ten new colors of Corriedale wool combed top, all gently  hand dyed.   I love to spin these from the fold, sometimes splitting the top longways first to shoot for mostly matching two plies, or spinning straight as is and either fulling the single or letting the yarn ply as it falls.  There are all kinds of possibilities here, from gentle color changes to great contrast.  Let your imagination run wild!
Amazon - Corriedale Wool Roving
Maggie - Corriedale Wool Top Hand Dyed Gradient
Seafoam - Hand Dyed Wool Roving Gradient Corriedale
Choco Cherry Love - Hand Painted Spinning Fiber Corriedale Top Roving
Grape Stomp - Hand Dyed Spinning Fiber Corriedale Wool Roving
Dawning - Corriedale Hand Dyed Spinning Wool Fiber
Antique Rose - Corriedale Wool Spinning Fiber Roving
Cotton Candy - Corriedale Hand Dyed Spinning Wool
Limey! - Hand Dyed Corriedale Roving for Hand Spinning
Stawberry Daiquiri - Hand Dyed Wool Fiber Corriedale Roving for Spinning

Hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘Fresh from the Dyepot’.  Next week I hope to have a brand new fiber up in the shop, so stay tuned…I know you will love it!

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2 Responses to Corriedale Top – Fresh from the Dyepot

  1. mary says:

    Do you make your own roving or do you have it processed and if you have it processed where?

    • I have combed top, and I purchase it commercially so that I am able to offer the best possible prices. Roving is a prep that does not do well in dyeing…..the process smooshes out all the lovely air that makes roving great for spinning woolen yarns. Many people SAY they are selling hand dyed roving, but it is most likely combed top.

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