Let’s take a spin….

I’ve been feeling lately like I haven’t done anything for awhile, so tonight I have a date with this here stuff……
Bulky singles project

The batts are ones I’ve recarded (with my Big Tom carder) from my misc. box of Brown Sheep mill ends.  I got rather a lot of this red/black combo.  Not my favorite color, but I’m sure I can perform some overdye magic on it later to make it useful.

The ‘three bobbins full’ were spun using the ‘plying’ head of my Lendrum on the lowest possible ratio (I disremember what it is atm, sorry), tearing a strip from the batt and doing a bit of a backward draw with it.  Not quite long draw, as it isn’t quite prepared for that (one carder pass, and there’s a lot of slippery mohair in there), but still a quick and easy spin.  But tonight I’m not using the Lendrum because……
My spinning corner

Yup, the best seat in the house is occupied by Mr. Tiger’s kitty.  This animal does not like me for some reason.  Not overt hatred, he minds his manners, but he would rather I not even look at him.  Anyway, I’m too kind to move him from his woolly bed, so the project is being transferred to the Pocket Wheel.  This project should be just right for the PW’s low ratios, and I can lounge in my recliner and watch mindless TV while I do easy mindless spinning.   Sounds just right for a cold and gloomy winter evening.

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One Response to Let’s take a spin….

  1. Caitlin says:

    Hi again,
    Been meaning to comment all through Christmas on your fabulous work!!!
    Quick question though….needing some expert advice.
    Way back when at Rhinebeck, I acquired a beautiful 1st place angora goat fleece.
    FANTASTIC! except for one tiny thing. I’m not sure where the heck to start???
    I first took out my hand carders……fine fine except I’m really making zero progress with those…..onward to the hackles, Nope, too big, sharp and not really made for such fine fibre
    What about my drum carder? Should I open the locks and see what I can feed through?
    I have an entire bag of beauty but I don’t want to ruin everything with experimenting.
    Any thoughts?
    Appreciative as always….

    ~ Caitlin

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