I know the country has been hard hit by snow and cold this year, including places that rarely see that kind of weather.  We’ve actually not had much snow here in Eastern Iowa, but that is supposed to change this week.  Predictions are wild, but start at 3-5 inches on Monday, with a possible 9-15 inches more by Wednesday.  I’m sure it will be pretty, and we’ll have fun sledding down the hill and enjoying hot chocolate on our snow day(s).  But…..shhhhhh…..I’m seriously over winter.

Until spring, the best I can do is distraction.  Yesterday I pulled out my little weaving project…’s some Peaches & Cream plus some Sugar & Cream to make some tropical stripes….ultimately to become a bag.  Yes, I warped it over the summer, and then let it languish.  In the meantime, I lent it to the local school as an educational prop…..and the ratchets came undone.  wonky weaving....unwoven and redone
So, I have tried a warping rescue, and so far….not bad.  There’s a thread or two that isn’t quite right for tension, so I’m experimenting with tucking things under it on the warp beam.
Weaving, Emilia RH loom

I found a little table just right for setting at my comfy chair in the living room, and I’ve been weaving off and on while watching The Sound of Music with my family.  I love that musical…..something for everyone in it, and more layers to unpeel and discover as you enter different stages of life.

We also watched tonight’s episode of Extreme Home Makeover.  If you have a teen attached to their cell phone, I suggest you get online and watch it together.

The group on Ravelry has been busy lately, and ladies are posting their amazing projects!  Do stop by and see some Hedera socks knit for the Knit.Sock.Love KAL.  There’s a lovely shawl that was spun and knit from November’s Tiger Club fiber, and another has even started spinning her January fiber!

On the home front, I’m slowly taking inventory, and assessing what lines are staying or going, and what I need to fill out.  At the moment, I’m dyeing the remainders of my stock of Corrie Cross, a lovely fiber for thicker yarns and for felting.  I’m alternating between some cool wintery colors and refreshing spring colors.  I’ve also been working on some Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (MCN) sock yarn.  You can watch for new things on the site likely next weekend.

If snow is coming to your area….stay safe, and don’t shovel more than you can handle.  And enjoy some hot chocolate and cuddly knitting or spinning…..I know that’s on my agenda!

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