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Basic (Not Boring) Black Band

I’ve worn headbands pretty steadily since high school….I love having long hair, but when brushed out my curls go full Merida with extra static, which makes visibility an issue and containment a must. I perform with a variety of musical … Continue reading

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New Toys

So, I had two fillings this morning. My tongue is numb, and I can feel the tingle of anesthetic in places it really shouldn’t have migrated to. I guess I’m thankful for the great dental care I am privileged to … Continue reading

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The Year of the Turtle

This is the week I dye for club (which is quite pretty, BTW), so I don’t have anything new for the shop; although I didn’t blog about last Friday’s update of sock yarn…..plenty of self striping rainbows and Grand Old … Continue reading

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Winter Twilight Sharf Weaving Project

A couple of weeks ago, I felt the need for a quick project, so I pulled out some skeins of Tiger Cub I set back for myself, and worked toward making a ‘thing’. These skeins are kettle dyed, which means … Continue reading

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Falling Down a Rabbit Hole

Last weekend I attended Stringtopia, where the lovely Sara Lamb was teaching all about silk. I took her Saturday class, which was about weaving with silk. If you’ve followed Sara at all, you know that she has a closet full … Continue reading

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Spring has arrived!

This was the view from my chair the other morning, and I just had to grab the camera: Here’s a better view…that far horizon is over the Mississippi in Illinois. I’m amazed at how everything has leafed out at once….I’m … Continue reading

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It’s Winter?

Tomorrow it is supposed to be nearly 50 degrees. While I’m not complaining, this has to be the mildest winter I remember for a long time. At dawn recently, this was the view from our front door: Um, yeah, driveway … Continue reading

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Weaving the Scrappy Yarn

Remember that yarn I made for my vStringtopia?  No?  Well, go look, I’ll wait! The next step for this yarn was to weave it.  Weaving does amazing things for even the most interesting yarn.  For this project, I used my … Continue reading

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I know the country has been hard hit by snow and cold this year, including places that rarely see that kind of weather.  We’ve actually not had much snow here in Eastern Iowa, but that is supposed to change this … Continue reading

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New Toys!

Last week was a pile of work, RiverChor had their first concert, which meant practice, practice, practice, stress about dresses being in, and getting ties and scarves ready to hand out.  It was also starting to get cold and dreary, … Continue reading

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