I put Tiger Club in the mail on Saturday morning (squees are appearing on Ravelry!), and spent the rest of the weekend on the bathroom project.  Somehow I didn’t take a picture of the thing torn down to the studs, but that keeps me from boring you to tears, right?  Anyway, here is our progress on the new look.


Things I learned…..cement board is heavy.  Despite assurances that it cuts and snaps just like drywall, it does not.  Always be sure the line you are measuring from is, indeed, straight to begin with.  Despite comments that thinset can be difficult to get the right consistency, I had no trouble.  And best of all…..Mr. Tiger and I can work on a project together without a fight.

I thought we would be clever and have the tub sprayed white before we put the surround on, but the spray people assured me that we should finish everything up first.  So, we’ll have our bathroom all done in a weekend or two…..except for the pink tub which will get sprayed later in April.

I’ll be very glad to see the backside of this project.  This room was avowed to be the first remodeled when we moved in, yet here it is nearly 5 years later.  I find it amusing, but that’s the way it all worked out.

Off to work on a fiber update, and dinner…..fried rice tonight, and choir practice.

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