Odds and Ends

Last month, I showed you my lovely stack of boxes full of fibery good stuff…..well it is time to show you a preview of what was in the largest two boxes, since it is the March FotM.  I (of course) immediately opened one of the boxes, and out poofed this:

March Club Fiber

Here’s a close up of the loveliness.  This is Michigan raised, and processed just for The Painted Tiger at Zeilinger’s.  It is fabulous (yes, I grabbed some and sat down to spin RIGHT AWAY!!), and I’m so excited to send this fiber out for club this month.  Not in Tiger Club?  I did order plenty, so look for this new wool to appear in the shop in April.March Club Fiber

While the new wool has been stewing up in the dyepots, Mr. Tiger and I have been working on this project over his spring break.  See that lovely 50’s turquoise tile?
Bathroom Reno
Yup, it was all around the tub, and we removed it.  As projects go, we’ve hit a snag, and the walls are currently sitting open to dry out instead of the new and improved shower being there.  Oh well, I’m going to see if the tub spraying place can come by this week and make my lovely dusty pink tub a nice sparkling white.  It’d be easier to do it before we start putting things back together.  Thankfully the other bathroom has a shower, so we don’t have to rush things.

When I get a chance, I’ve been working on this lovely merino/bamboo/nylon blend I bought at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool.  It is turquoise and sage entitled ‘Mountain Mist’.  I originally planned a 3 ply sock, and have been tearing bits off the end to spin from the fold.

Mountain Mist MBN

Mountain Mist MBN

The more I watch the color blend and go by, the more I want to preserve this color structure, and I want it to go further.  So the current plan is to spin it all up, dye something solid to coordinate or enhance it, and knit a shawl, perhaps in entrelac to show off the undulating color changes.  Will I wear a shawl?  I dunno, so the plan my change again.  Suggestions for project or color to ply this with are welcome!

And I’ll leave you with one of our marvelous neighborhood friends.  This hawk and mate nest in our neighborhood, and posed nicely for me the other day.

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