Weaving the Scrappy Yarn

Remember that yarn I made for my vStringtopia?  No?  Well, go look, I’ll wait!

The next step for this yarn was to weave it.  Weaving does amazing things for even the most interesting yarn.  For this project, I used my new Schacht Cricket loom, with a 10 dent reed.  For warp, I have some New Zealand wool rug warp that I dyed black.

Weaving on the Cricket Loom

I wove each color for about an inch, then broke the yarn and wound off to the next color change. I tucked the ends in as I went, and the weaving went quickly.
Rainbow Bag
But then……I had more yarn AND more warp…..so I kept going! I made a collection of the cool colors….
Cool bag

and the warm colors….
Little bag

And wouldn’t you know it…..I had just enough warp to use up all the yarn bits. Yay! Here it is all together.
Full weaving
I’ve wet finished it, and will cut it apart and make the pieces into bags. The jury is still out on whether I’ll fold the pieces, or use other fabric for the back of the bag.  It might be a combination of each as I try them out for functional size. My goal was to make a tall skinny bag for my Trindle, the other bits of fabric are pure bonus!

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