The cable to run the self-propelling part of our lawn mower broke, and hubby has just not gotten to fixing it. So our yard is becoming a bit overgrown, neglected, and prime wildlife habitat.

We have plenty of squirrels of all colors, and they are happily feasting on acorns. There’s a big groundhog/woodchuck who lumbers across the lawn, getting fat on whatever it can find. The neighbors’ little solar sound makers worked and their moles are now joyfully tunneling through our quiet yard. Chipmunks skitter about, and of course we flush out a few rabbits now and then, especially since the hawks seem to have moved on.

The other day I looked out the window, there was this pretty little thing:
I admit to being a little concerned….it is unusual for a deer with spots to be without supervision. I needn’t have worried…..

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