Planned Pooling Project – Third Time’s the Charm

Well, hope you enjoyed my trials and tribulations with trying planned pooling with the knitting machine.  Even my seed stitch didn’t work out….pretty, but it was going to end up about 17 inches long….more pillow-cover-ish than scarf-ish.  So on to round 3.

While at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, I happened to be reading the latest Spin Off (tent, lantern, peace and quiet, and fiber….it was fun!).  Well, Carol Rhoades had an article in there (and I took class with her Saturday, BTW!), and her swatches were in Feather and Fan.  It looked beautiful, AND the pattern looked dead simple.  An idea sparked.

So the seed stitch was frogged, and I tried out larger needles (I grabbed #10’s), and cast on a few different times, and tried the pattern a couple of different times.  Um, dead simple pattern requires you to actually pay attention to how it is written.  Once I had figured that little ‘duh’ moment out, I was off and knitting.

Planned Pooling Project....take 2!

Yeah, yeah, I’m not winning any awards for lining the pattern up with the color changes, or even stitches or anything, but it isn’t too bad for a first hand knit lace project.  Most rows I can keep the stitch count going, and you can see the bit of yarn I put in the center for a stitch marker….it is very helpful and I may add a couple more.  I love that a repeat or two adds inches to the project, so that type of progress will keep me going on this for awhile (I hope).  I did some more math, and it looks like this will be about 55 inches with moderate blocking, which I think will do very nicely.

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  1. Snowpaws says:

    Wow! This looks amazing. Now I want to try 🙂

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