It’s going to be a busy week here.  My choir, RiverChor, has our final regular rehearsal tonight for our concert next Sunday.  It is either going to go really well, or bomb terribly.  Sometimes I hope for the latter, because it gets people to practice (me included!).  I’m wardrobe maven for the group, so I’ll be getting our blue ties and scarves all sorted, pressed, and assigned for passing out at Saturday’s dress rehearsal.  Besides playing in the fiber, I have to say that singing is one of my favorite things.

Wool and other fiber (especially silk) prices continue to climb, and I’ve just received the new price list from one of my main suppliers.  I’ll be placing an order this week at the old prices for fiber and yarn, and would love to hear about your current favorites, and what you wish I had.  I can’t promise everything, since my studio/warehouse is only about 11 x 11 feet (vertical storage rocks!), but I’m open to suggestions.

Fortunately, the price increases for most things are small, so I’ll be able to hold most where they are for the time being.  I do my best to provide high quality in the base and the dyeing for a reasonable price.

So, this morning I’m enjoying my cuppa coffee while enjoying a great view of the golden tree tops, and watching the chickadees and cardinals snag a snack at the feeder.  Today for school, my daughter is building a solar system model, and I’m amused that my son got out our Lincoln Logs after reading a story that included them last week.  He even gnawed a cheese stick to look like a Lincoln Log!

Hope you are enjoying some of your favorites this week, and are keeping wooly and warm!

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