October Tiger Club Reveal – Abyss

With Tiger Club going out just in time for Halloween, I wanted to do something ‘scary’, but not cliche.  I thought back to movies that were scary in ways not involving chainsaws, and thought of ‘Abyss’.  The deep deep ocean, the mystery of figuring out what was going on, the horror of the gal drowning on purpose since there wasn’t enough oxygen to get them both back….the relief when she was revived, the wonder of the creature communicating with them.  Seriously, that is about as scary as I like movies to get.  So anyway, I translated Abyss into yarn and fiber with a deep turquois-ey blue.  I don’t make ’em straight…there’s 3 blues in there which mingle and break out to make the lovely variations.

The fiber is Alpaca:
Abyss - Alpaca - October 2011 Tiger Club

The alpaca did its lovely thing of blending and toning the colors….and calming them all down.  It is much more intense in person….I’m just thrilled I could get a picture this close since my camera hates turquoise/teal colors with a passion.

The yarn is Bengal Twist:
Abyss - Bengal Twist Sock Yarn - October 2011 Tiger Club

As you can see, the superwash BFL did its thing, also, sucking up color as fast as it can, and making it all super intense.  These are going to make some rich socks!

Love these?  Interested in a surprise each month?  There’s still a few days to sign up for Tiger Club….do so by the 15th to receive November’s club.  Your commitment is only as long as you want….try it for a month!

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I'm an Indie dyer of yarn and fiber. I love all the colors, but especially green and brown.....and purple, and blue.....
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