A Typical Day

I always find it interesting to take a peek into the schedules of others.  So today it is my turn….follow me around in a typical day in Tiger Land!

7-ish – Up.  Feed cat before his loud meowing wakes the whole house.  While I’m in the basement, I set yesterday’s dyeing on the floor to cool.  (I leave it in the insulated roaster overnight to cool very slowly for best color take up and fastness.  But I need it cool to rinse.)

7:05 – Coffee.  Computer.  Catch up on Ravelry, and check e-mail.

7:30 – Get some ‘eat’ for the boy.  Pour some cereal for me while I’m at it.  Return to e-mail and start this post.

7:35 – Kiss husband on his way out the door.  Daughter is up, but has now crashed with her blanket in the hallway.  Who knows?

7:55 – Distracted by the chickadees and cardinals at the bird feeder.

8:00 – Boy finds target in the hall and tickles her.   She gets up and is amused at the hairdo’s the boy has given her ponies.

8:02 – Reading about the postal hike, and how much it is affecting international shipping.  Glad I have calculated shipping, and go toy with my cart to be sure it is using the new prices.  Seems to be ok.

9:00 – Time to start school.  Snuggling up on the couch to do Bible study and read some history.  Our Proverbs contains stuff about sheep…yay!

9:30 – Everyone dressed, and settled with their workbooks.  One has a test in Language Arts, the other in Reading.  I set a batch of fiber in a colander to drain, and start up the desktop computer because I need to do some graphics today for Tiger Club.  I’ll be rinsing these two batches of fiber and hanging them to dry.  I have several packages to ship today, and one would like her yarn to be wound, so I have a busy morning flitting between these tasks and checking up on schoolwork.  Our curriculum is mostly self-teaching, so this frees me up somewhat.

11:24 – Daughter is getting herself lunch, I’m sitting with the boy to encourage him to finish the subject he is on so that we both can eat, also.  Rolling some silk hankie flowers.

12:25 – Boy ate really quickly and is back to another subject.  I’m printing shipping labels and starving.  Shipping didn’t calculate right for one of them, double checking my setup.  Yup, didn’t take that product’s need for a box into account, fixed similar listings.  I’ve gotta eat!

2:00 – School is done, and we are getting ready to head to the library.  They run a program for elementary aged children, today’s topic is Magnets.  I get to browse books or go grocery shopping (blissfully alone!)

3:30 – Pick up kids from the library.  Run packages to the Post Office, and deposit checks.  Teller gives us 4 suckers, kids are thrilled!

4:30 – Groceries are put away, and I’m contemplating dinner.  Hubby is working out on the exercise bike.  I think I’ll make homemade Mac-n-Cheese.  I really wanted to do a batch of fiber today, but we are out this evening, so I won’t have time to bake it (it takes about an hour for me to get a full 2 pound batch ready to heat, and then about 3 hours to get it up to temperature….and I don’t like to have the roaster on when I’m sleeping or not home).

5:45 – Dinner is ready.  Then we all get ready to go out.  The kids have Covenant Keepers (our church’s version of Awana), and we have ‘date night’.  It sounds exciting, but what usually happens is we run errands.  Tonight, I need to get tax software and shampoo, and hubby is purchasing craft supplies for a special thing to do with his class tomorrow.  I need light bulbs, too….and dither about what kind to get.  You’d think light bulbs would be easy.

8:00 – Errands are finished, and it is time to pick up the kids.  We start to get them herded out the door, and then one or the other of us ends up in an adult conversation.  And I wonder why the kids don’t hurry when we say it is time to go.  😉

9:00 – Kids are in bed.  I read the local newspaper, then finish up this blog post.  Tomorrow…..got some more orders (Thanks!), so packages to do, and since we don’t have to go anywhere, I’ll get two batches of fiber done to make up for none today.  I also have pictures to take tomorrow, so I can edit them and be ready for Fiber Friday (I hope!).  One last tour through e-mail and Ravelry, then I’m going to curl up in bed with a book until I fall asleep.  Not sure what that will be yet, I just finished Jacey Boggs’ book, ‘Spin Art’.  Considering the crunch time I’m in for getting Club done, and getting something together for February’s Phat Fiber box, I don’t want to get sucked into fiction, so maybe I’ll pull out an old Spin Off or Handwoven to look through…..although those tend to lead to new projects!

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2 Responses to A Typical Day

  1. catherine says:

    Your days sound a lot like mine Brooke.

  2. Natalie says:

    Hi Brooke! I just signed up for your fiber club last week and tonight I thought I’d check out your blog. This is the first post that I’ve read and I just wanted to say that you seem like a really lovely person. That was a really neat post about your day and I think you’ve inspired me to do the same on my blog sometimes soon. I love looking into people’s lives like that. Blessings to you! -Natalie

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