Time to be Phat!

Ok, I spend way too much time on Ravelry.  In my browsings last week, I happened upon an ad for the Phat Fiber box, and remembered fondly being in the box, way back when.  So I decided to visit the Ravelry group and see what was up.  Instant love…what a great group of people those Phatties are!

I dropped a quick line to Jessie (the mastermind behind this box of incredible samples) to see if there happened to be room in the January box, and she said yes!  My samples have made it to her, and the boxes go on sale tomorrow (Sunday).  You need to be on the secret list to know the time, check out all the details here.  Don’t worry, if you don’t get in this box, I’ll be contributing to further issues….I have the perfect thing for February, and the March theme is going to be Science, so I have to do that!

Anyway, here’s what I sent for the samples boxes……tiny little flower buds made of Mawata Silk Hankies.  I call them Cherry Blossom (although they perhaps more resemble roses, but hey, I had the labels printed already!!

Cherry Blossom samples for January Phat Fiber box

Of course, samples must come in a full size also…..and here’s a full flower.  Two full hankies, about 24-30 layers of silk cocoons total.  One hankie is yellows and pinks, the other pinks and greens.
Cherry Blossom - Mawata Silk Hankies

Full sizes are available here. They will be made to order, so you may have a ‘bouquet’ of however many you’d like. Great as gifts and swap items, for spinner and knitter alike!

Oh, and one more great thing….to celebrate the 4th birthday of Phat Fiber, they are not only giving away a ‘Super Box’, but also a Babe Production Spinning Wheel.  Want to enter?  Pop into this thread, and post the things you purchased from Phat Fiber contributors.  Tiger Club counts.

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