Spring has arrived!

This was the view from my chair the other morning, and I just had to grab the camera:
Dawn view

Here’s a better view…that far horizon is over the Mississippi in Illinois. I’m amazed at how everything has leafed out at once….I’m even seeing flower buds on the Lilacs!
Dawn view close up
Oh…..and those majestic looking birds?
Our friends in the sky
They are Turkey Vultures. They follow up the river as it thaws. We don’t have as many this year, since the river didn’t freeze all the way. I enjoy watching them soar, and there are still about 20 or so that roost in a tree just down the hill from us.

I wouldn’t want to write a post devoid of fiber content….so here’s my latest project:
Rainbow Band
To make this, I deconstructed some leftovers of Rainbow Stripe, and put the colors together. This is on my Cricket Loom. You *can* weave bands on the Cricket, but it is more challenging since there isn’t a lot of room before the heddle starts spreading the warp more than you can draw it in (at least, with the weight of yarn I was using for weft).  Also….this method of drawing in is uneven….the center is more balanced and the sides smooshed….I’ll fix that somewhat later, but that is a lot of fussing. So, I can see if I want to continue making bands, it’ll be time to get (or make) an inkle loom.

And I have a brag on my kids…..I let them escape outside this morning, resigning myself to reigning them in for school later. I got busy with the skeiner for a bit, then overheard our boy shouting to the neighbor boy (also homeschooled) that they were doing their school outside. Lo, and behold…..
Alfresco School
As I suspected, however…..not a lot was getting done by the boy (he is rather easily distracted). It didn’t help that the neighbor boys kept coming over to see if he had finished yet.
Our resident Ninja
So…..time ultimatum made, our resident Ninja finished school easily, and went off to play. Unfortunately, after all that…..the neighbor boy had to show off and threw a rock at a window (at his house) and broke it. Our Ninja is now at home. Boys. 🙂

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