Planned Pooling Completion!

A year ago, I dyed Tiger Club with an eye to making a planned pooling scarf. You can see the beginnings of that in this previous post.

Well, I’ve been slogging along on it, on and mostly off, and finally….FINALLY finished! So here’s the pictoral finishing line, so to speak!

Newly DUN!!
Planned Pooling Scarf

Planned Pooling Scarf

Planned Pooling Scarf

Planned Pooling Scarf

Planned Pooling Scarf

I’m so proud of this first lace knitting project.  If you’ve been around here much, you know that I do much of my knitting on a machine….I love my gadgets!  But this was something the machine couldn’t do for me.  I found the planned pooling to be a great benefit to me, since to keep the colors lined up I had to be continually mindful of my gauge, and tug stitches where I wanted them to go.  It was very slow at first, but once I got the hang of it I needed to tweak less and less.  I also mastered the YO and the K2tog, so now I can perhaps do something slightly more difficult.

And now I’m looking for a new project, and guess what?  I’m dyeing August fiber for it!!  😀  Whether you are in Club or not, you will be welcome to join in my new SAL/KAL.  I’ll give more details later….I’m up to my elbows in dyebaths at the moment.

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2 Responses to Planned Pooling Completion!

  1. Mel A in PA says:

    How did you figure out the gauge and number of stitches? And how long did it take you? lol!

    • The gauge and stitch count was a bit of trial and error. I started with an e-wrap cast on, cast on the full color repeat, then counted. Then I tried other needles until it came out to a number of stitches that worked with the pattern I wanted to do. I vaguely remember not having to do this a lot, I got lucky on an early try. Once I got it going, the actual knitting went fairly quickly….when I took time to do it.

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