Blue Angels- August 2012 Tiger Club Reveal

I thought I’d give you a peek into the process of choosing the colors for this month’s Tiger Club.  Sometimes I already have something in mind, but for this month I looked around for inspiration.  Always a good thing to look at are the Pantone color forecasts.  I like several of the palettes I found, and they may become future Clubs or regular colorways.  This one caught my eye for this month:

I knew I wanted to do something 3 color because of the SAL/KAL I want to do (more on that soon), so I narrowed this palette down to Navy Blue, Grey, and Gold.  I then put those into an image search.  Here’s one favorite from that:

HMS Cattistock

And another…..socks!!

But then I saw the picture of the Blue Angels, and knew I had the perfect color set and inspiration. I love watching the group fly, and have a soft spot for the Navy, as my dad served with them.

Our fiber is Polwarth, and I chose a simple three color band pattern. This is so we can spin it fractal for our SAL/KAL.
Blue Angels - Aug '12 Tiger Club - on Polwarth

For the yarn, I have a brand new yarn. It is 100% Merino, and three plies. It is a tad thicker than the Tiger Twist (which it will replace), so I have dubbed it Tiger Sport. It comes in at 330 yards per 4 ounces, but this really will be plenty for a pair of socks. To gild the lily, I’ve dyed the yarn in a new technique which will be debuting in the shop soon. Long repeating stripes, each area in a fun semi-solid, and slim bands of darker colors.

Blue Angels - Aug '12 Tiger Club - on Tiger Sport Yarn

I hope you enjoy this month’s Tiger Club.  If you aren’t in, pop over to the shop, there are a few openings for September Club.  You have until the 15th to sign up.

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